Web Automation

Web automation is data extraction from several websites to obtain market price data for eCommerce. Page monitoring on your site to assure they are up and operating. With Intuitive IT automation medium created to assist businesses of any scale to boost efficiency and maximize ROI over the organization.


Automated Web Browser Tasks

Our web automation, automate functionality communicates with browsers at GI (graphical interface) level to operate any website actions, clicking links, selecting from the menu, auto-type into the text box field, etc. The three types of automated functionality are,

Website Automation

1. Browser automation

Browser automation-to open and close the browser pages navigation and page data extraction.

2. Interactive actions

Elements automation on non HTML format, like "save as" prompt or Adobe Flash element.

3. Input actions

On Clicks, keystrokes, copy/paste, or mouse movements. Discover some of the dimensions of web automation operations as below. Web scraping and data extraction Google Chrome tasks Web extraction Web testing Web services Desktop interaction Web monitoring Database access Website service calls

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