What is Web Scraping and What is it Used For?

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What is Web Scraping ?

Nowadays everybody in the world is looking for ways to innovate and make use of new technologies.

Web scraping also called web data extraction or data scraping or extraction of data from a website provides a solution for those who want to get access to structured web data in an automated fashion.

It is more useful in the public website where you want to get data from doesn’t have an API, or it does yet gives just restricted admittance to the information.

It can be done manually, in most cases, automated tools are preferred because it cost low and save more time.

Websites are in many shapes and forms, because of it, web scrapers vary in functionality and features.

It is the process of collecting structured web data in an automated method. It’s also called web data extraction.

Some main use of web scraping are price monitoring, lead generation, price intelligence, news monitoring, and market research etc.,

How do you use a data scraper?

If you’re using a web data scraper tool by yourself or outsourcing the job to a web data extraction specialist, you’ll need to know the differences between web crawling and web scraping.

It is popular and it provides something really valuable that nothing else can: it gives you structured web data from any public website.

The true power of data web scraping lies in its ability to build and power the most revolutionary business applications.

What is data scraping good for?

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Web data extraction – also widely known as data scraping or web data scraping – has a huge range of applications.

A data scraping tool can help you automate the process of extracting information from other websites, quickly and accurately.

In e-commerce business, web data scraping is used for competitor price monitoring.

It is the only practical way for brands to check the pricing with their competitor’s products and services. To find their own price strategies and stay ahead of the business.

It’s also used as a tool for manufacturers to ensure retailers are compliant with pricing guidelines for their products. Market researchers and analysts depend on data extraction to gauge consumer sentiment by keeping track of online product reviews, news articles, and feedback.

There’s a vast array of applications for Web data extraction in the financial world. Data scraping tools are used to extract insight from news stories. Likewise, market research organizations and analysts depend on data extraction to assess the financial health of companies.

Insurance and financial services companies can mine a rich seam of alternative web data scraped to design new products and policies.

What is a web scraping tool?

A scraping tool is a software program that’s designed specifically to extract (or ‘scrape’) relevant or particular or wanted information from websites.

A scraping tool makes HTTP requests to a target website and extracts the data from a page.

Normally, it parses content that is publicly accessible and visible to users and rendered by the server as HTML. Sometimes it also makes requests to APIs for some associated data – like product prices or contact details – that are stored in a database and delivered to a browser via HTTP requests.

And save the data in a JSON or CSV file or some other structured format as required.

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The basics of web scraping

The web crawler is the bull, and the scraper is the chariot. The crawler always leads the scraper, where it extracts the data requested. 

Is web scraping legal?

The action of web scraping isn’t illegal. However, some things need to be followed. It becomes illegal when non-publicly available data becomes extracted.

Web Scrapers Used For?

Real Estate Listing Scraping

Many real estaters use web scraping to increase their database of available properties for sale or for rent.

For example, the agency will scrape MLS listings to build an API that directly populates this information onto their website.

Industry Statistics and Insights

Companies uses it to build very big databases and draw industry-specific insights from these. For example, a company might scrape and analyze tons of data about petrol prices, exports and imports in order to sell their insights to petrol companies across the world.

Comparison Shopping Sites

Several websites and applications can help you to easily compare pricing between several retailers for the same product daily.

Lead Generation

Web scraping is used by many of the companies to collect contact information about potential customers or clients. It is common in the business-to-business space, where potential customers will post their business information publicly online. The list of things do with web scraping is almost endless. To get a good web scraping service you need to find the best company which have lot of experience.